Power Distribution SeriesTM - VAC Rackmount AC to DC

The VAC Rackmount AC to DC Power Distribution Unit is a 5 Port AC power block
for the consolidation and distribution of AC input power. Single or Three Phase Options.

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Humidity | Altitude | Sand and Dust |
Shock and Vibration | Temperature

RE101 | RE102 | CE101 | CE102 | CE103

MIL-STD-1399-300B Type I


Each PowergridM Power Distribution block allows for the power bus distribution or consolidation of an AC power flow at a 1:4 ratio and can be utilized to connect up to four PowergridM Ruggedized UPS or the PowergridM UPS Battery Expansion Module systems to a single AC power source. Each of the four output ports (P2-P5) are supported by a independent push/pull breaker allowing primary power to each UPS or Battery Expansion Module to be disconnected from the primary power bus by the user as required. The mounting brackets are designed to be removable or rotated either 90°/180°/270° to allow maximum mounting flexibility. This unit can also be utilized to consolidate VAC outputs of a stack of PowergridM UPS units and provide long line connection for a remote RPIM.

EMI / EMC – PowergridM UPS system has been designed to comply with all the radiated emissions, susceptibility and conductive emissions requirements of the applicable sections of MIL STD 461F. The following is a list of methods used for controlling emissions: RE102 | CE102 | CS101 | CS114 | CS115 | CS116 | RS103 DESIGNED TO MEET
Environmental MIL-STD-810G: Humidity, Altitude, Sand and Dust, Shock and Vibration, Temperature.


• Allows for Consolidation of VAC Input Power from the Source to a Stack.
• Consolidates cable runs when extending the RPIM to a remote location.
• Individual Push/Pull Based Breakers for Each Equipment Connection.
• Remove and Rotate Mounting Brackets for Maximum Flexibility.